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Let’s cruise!

When this beautiful caucasian brunette babe Aspen heard about James Brossman’s private ship she definitely wanted to try it out. So on one weekend James invited her and another surprise guest Csoky Ice for an afternoon cruise on the river. Aspen was very happy about it and enjoyed every moment she was driving the boat and so she gave the two guys a reward that none of them will forget…


Posted: 17:00, 2010-Sep-30
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Speedy fuck

If you have never tried to rent a speedboat and take out your girlfriend on a trip to some lonesome part of the river then you should definitely try it one time! It could end up in one of the most adventurous fuck of your life! Here’s an appetizer for you in this new exclusive scene with gorgeous blonde babe Mandy Dee so come and check the video and call your local boat renter afterwards!


Posted: 17:00, 2010-Sep-23
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Blanche gets both

Sexy blonde vixen Blanche has a huge problem right now. She doesn’t know which guy should she choose. Both Bob Terminator and David Perry appeals to her very much and she just can’t make up her mind. She decided to fuck both of them in the same time so she arranged a rendezvous with them separately to the same place and time…


Posted: 17:00, 2010-Sep-16
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Introducing Eliska Cross

Today we have a really tasty stuff for all you guys! You must have met Eliska Cross at other network websites so we don’t have to tell you how super sexy she is. Although in the other scenes she did anal stuff but those were like thin butter so this time in her Asshole Fever feature she will get all the ass fucking from Kid Jamaica’s big fat cock she deserves!


Posted: 17:00, 2010-Sep-9
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River cruising

Dear diary, I’m on a boat in Budapest… we went down the river about 15 mins parked up (OK I know we don’t park up in a boat ) but moored up… Here’s me and the french porn girl Eliska Cross, this girl has had some great looks… made me so horny! The guy’s a guy I’d always wanted to fuck… David Perry, I had seen so many of his porns… so it was a pleasure to meet him & fuck him… he even shoved his big toe up my arsehole the dirty fuck… I think they were both a little shocked at how nasty & hardcore I was!!! As I’m such a quite girl – then I turn in to an animal!!! A fucking great time… you guys are gonna fucking love it… pure fuckin filth!!!!! Xoxo, Angel Long.


Posted: 17:00, 2010-Sep-2
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A good stepmother

When Csoky Ice’s parents broke up his father immediately got another wife Winnie. Winnie is a former prostitute and although being in the age now she still looks really great. She’s just like a mature fuckmachine with her long blonde hair and tight body with those big melons…Of course Csoky’s cock always got stiff when he saw the his stepmother and this time he will get what he wanted so much…


Posted: 17:00, 2010-Aug-26
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Karlie gets what she wants!

It was not so long ago that Karlie Simon was here with us shooting some superhot anal scenes but it seems that wasn’t enough for the beautiful blonde whore. She came back to us and demanded more! She wanted more and bigger cocks. So what could we do? We just called Kid Jamaica and Greg Centauro and they were happy to screw up the bitch together in a sizzling double penetrationscene!


Posted: 17:00, 2010-Aug-19
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Good neighbors

Pearl Diamond’s husband is on of the world’s biggest jerks. Pearl only married him just because his wealth but in the bed he is just below zero. So of course the blonde slut has to seek satisfaction from somewhere else. Fortunately her new neighbor is Frank Gun and they didn’t need much time to get into the other…Any time that jerk leaves from home Pearl and Frank fucks like energizer bunnies do!


Posted: 17:00, 2010-Aug-12
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Full boost

Our newest babe who gets her asshole fucked up by us is Queen Christin. You can all see from her stage name that she’s a classy bitch who loves to be adored and craves attention. Well we made Zenza Raggi to invite her to a little boat trip and told him to treat the whore like a queen. He did it very well and Christin did get real horny and in a moment they were already fucking on the boat and Zenza of course rammed her tight anus badly…


Posted: 17:00, 2010-Aug-5
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Black panther

Horny milf Andy Brown is a real wildcat you will see with your own eyes! Dressed up in fully black with shiny leggings she resembles a black panther waiting for the prey. She doesn’t have to wait too long as two of them comes right away to ease her hunger. Check out in this exclusive scene how Frank Gun and Anthony Hardwood fuck the shit out of this slut simultaneously in her wet pussy and tight asshole!


Posted: 17:00, 2010-Jul-29
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Emma Cummings And Riley Evans - Mixed gallery

Emma Cummings And Riley Evans goes WILD !!!!! . Click here to see more.


Posted: 00:00, 2010-Feb-4
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Kelly Devine big ass

Kelly Devine big ass

Kelly Devine never done any modeling before but the thought that she might make some money at it certainly gets her interested. Of course we know what this hottie is going to have to do if she wants to earn that cash but all she thinks she’s got to do is pose for a calendar. Now some babes might back out when they get to find out what they have to do but not Kelly. She’s really a dick hungry slut and the chance to fuck her brains out is too much of a temptation to resist.

A sexy babe with an stunning round bottom, she shows it off in a series of nut-bustingly hot poses, then she really gets put to work. After she peels the last of her clothes off and stretches her curvy body out on the sofa, she is joined by our lucky dude who gets to stick it to her. I told our guy that this hottie is a dick hungry slut. So, he pulls out his penis and stick it in her mouth. Kelly can sucks cock. Then she takes cock deep in her shaved pussy in one position after another. In the end he blew his jizz all over her round butt cheeks.

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Posted: 23:53, 2010-Jan-29
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Claudia’s luscious ass

Claudia's luscious ass

I spotted this hot babe in a supermarket, one cold wet night and there was just no doubt that she had all the attributes I look for in a babe to keep me warm on a night like that. I figured that this was one chick who knew what the score was going to be right from the time I first spoke to her because the vibes were always positive. Claudia has a thing for big cocks and when she saw the size of mine she was down for whatever I wanted to do to her.

Claudia is simply perfect, she is the kind of chick I just love. She has beautiful face, slim body, natural boobs and big round butt. Wow that is combination I love. I offered drinks back at my place. She comes with me back house then I bring her in the living room. We drink wine and then moments later she gets tipsy. She feels heat inside her, so she took off her top clothes revealing her natural boobs. My cock react as soon as she show her boobs. The fun doesn’t stop there, Not long before she gets naked then bends over and man those ass of her are amazing. It’s so big and soft. Watching her teasing, my cock instantly gets hard. I can’t help myself so I joined her and soon, I fucked her cute pussy and blew my sperm all over her big butt.

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Posted: 19:36, 2010-Jan-27
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Nice view showing big ass

Nice view showing big ass

Harmony Rose had a big butt that I often see in a white hottie. I met at the street and I offer her a drinks at my place. I saw her bubble butt when she was walking up stairs to place building. so I walk behind her with camera and shoot upskirt. Wow, this one hot fucking big butt girl. She have beautiful tight round butt, nice fucking tits, pretty face - a perfect body. My lucky day. So then she pull up her skirt in the middle of outside and show me her big round ass.

I had my cock deep in her pussy. This sweet blonde has always wanted fucked. Now I am more than willing to show her the ropes. After we have a few beers and get a little tipsy, we head to the bedroom and start fucking around. He plays around with her big butt and pussy, spreading her cheeks open and getting her pink hole ready for his cock. After lubing up, he slowly starts fucking her. She tells him to go slow at first but by the time they??ôre warmed up, he??ôs fucking her as hard and she moans from pleasure. In the end he blew his cum all over her round butt.

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Posted: 23:47, 2010-Jan-22
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Emma Cummings And Riley Evans - Flash gallery

Slow Train Cumming !! . Click here to see more.


Posted: 00:00, 2010-Jan-21
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Madelyn Marie - Movie gallery 2

Madelyn goes for the Double cock!! . Click here to see more.


Posted: 00:00, 2010-Jan-20
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Madelyn Marie - Picture gallery

Madelyn goes WILD!!! . Click here to see more.


Posted: 00:00, 2010-Jan-20
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Madelyn Marie - Picture gallery 2

I\'ve never seen a women CUM so many times... Come check it out !! . Click here to see more.


Posted: 00:00, 2010-Jan-20
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Madelyn Marie - Flash gallery

Cum on Command!!!. Click here to see more.


Posted: 00:00, 2010-Jan-20
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Madelyn Marie - Mixed gallery

If you\'re an ass man, Then this is the scene for you !!! . Click here to see more.


Posted: 00:00, 2010-Jan-20
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